BizSight Express

This is our entry level edition, which allows you to generate a professional looking invoice and keep basic records of your sale or billing. In addition, this allows you to tag your email interactions with your customers similar to a CRM system and even allows converting your Outlook appointments to service invoices with just a few tags and clicks...

Designed for single users, SOHO users, service consultants, and similar users, this edition is a good starter solution.  As your business needs grow. you can always upgrade to the Professional edition,

Our browser-based product allows you to access information over a network across one of the browser (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Chrome, or Safari). You decide if you want to run this on your premise or in the cloud!

Invoicing Customers

Generate a professional looking invoice within minutes from the time you install the software. The invoicing process is simple and intuitive to use with the customer’s purchase history at your fingertips … if you need it! Easily copy from another invoice or convert quotes and sales orders to invoices. To simplify repeating orders, create recurring invoices.

Accept payment from your customer for one or more invoices, allowing the system to calculate cash discounts for early payments. Payments received can be deposited or directly integrated with the banking side.



Customize your Invoices

Our professional looking invoice forms allow you to include your company logo as well as select from five customizable templates. We have provided you with a redistributable report designer to customize these templates further.

The report designer is a graphical user-friendly tool that allows you to change the layout, fonts, as well as add/delete fields.


Convert Outlook Emails to Customer Notes

Wouldn't it be nice to save your communication with your customers and vendors in one place, instead of searching through archived email folders, or tracking down the individual within your organization that communicated with the customer?  Customer communication is a part of your customer relationship and is something that should be available to your entire organization.

With our BizSight Outlook add-in, included with the product, you can select and tag a customer associated with your email communications - all within your regular Outlook email screen. Later, you can review this as a customer note within BizSight or run a report listing the notes associated with that customer.


Customer Notes



Convert Outlook Service Appointments to Invoices

As independent consultants and service providers, a lot of our notes and appointments are made within Outlook.  BizSight Express, with the Outlook add-in installed, allows these appointments to be tagged against a customer and converted to invoices with just a few clicks.

Different billing rates can be associated with different appointments, with several appointments included on a single invoice (E.g.) all appointments for the week or month can be billed on a single invoice.


The Ideal Small Business Invoicing Software

Keeping track of invoices can be one of the most time-consuming tasks businesses encounter. However, it’s also a necessary one to ensure all the bills are paid and your customers are paying for their purchases. At BizTechnologies, we have created invoicing software for small businesses that helps streamline the process so you can spend less time worrying about your invoices and more time focusing on growing your business. We understand the importance of your invoices and have created a solution that will help you achieve your financial goals.

A Full Invoicing Solution

When we created our small business invoicing software, we thought about all the features you need to manage the cash flow for your business. Our software solution can help you customize your invoices, keep track of all of your customers, convert emails to customer notes and even transfer service appointments directly into invoices. We strive to make it easy for you to create clear invoices that tell your customers exactly what they are paying for so they are more likely to pay their bills on time.

A Browser-Based Invoicing Solution

Regardless of whether you choose to host our invoicing software for small business on your premise or in the cloud, you will be able to quickly and easily access it through any browser. This means each of your employees can use the software without having to install anything new on their computer, making it much easier to complete the work and move on to other important tasks.