BizSight for Microsoft Office Accounting (MOA)

We have designed BizSight to be a complete replacement solution for customers who are currently on Microsoft Office Accounting (MOA) worldwide.  The user interface continues to offer a familiar Microsoft Office and Outlook like feel, making your transition fairly painless.  While BizSight is a completely different product than MOA, it has very similar capabilities to MOA and more.  It supports both the US edition as well as the UK based MOA editions, all within the same product.  It also accommodates the different terms used by both the US and UK based MOA products, adding to this, Spanish and Portuguese language support.

Current MOA customers can migrate to BizSight using the included migration wizard.  As an existing MOA customer, you can choose to migrate to BizSight Professional, BizSight Manufacturing, or to BizSight Cloud.  All your master files, invoice,  purchase history, as well as financial information are migrated over.  In most cases, the complete migration from MOA can take place within an half hour.  Learn how you can migrate from MOA and start working within BizSight the same day!

Perform essential business tasks like invoicing, paying your suppliers, accounting, bank reconciliation, simple CRM, accepting credit cards from your customers using PayPal, creating purchase orders and receiving against them, etc... It includes the ability to tag and track your customer email interactions similar to a CRM system – all within BizSight! 

It is perfect for any kind of business-service or product focused.  Whether you are a business that has several users or just a single user on a stand-alone computer, BizSight can help. 

Invoice and Receive Payments

Generate a professional looking invoice within minutes from the time you install the software. The invoicing process is simple and intuitive to use with the customer’s purchase history at your fingertips … if you need it! Easily copy from another invoice or convert quotes and sales orders to invoices. To simplify repeating orders, create recurring invoices.

Accept payment from your customer for one or more invoices, allowing the system to calculate cash discounts for early payments. Payments received can be deposited or directly integrated with the banking side.



Credit Cards using PayPal

Getting paid using credit cards is a convenience that we cannot ignore. To make this easier for you, we have integrated PayPal’s payment services directly into BizSight. Once you have established a merchant account with PayPal, you can take a card payment over the phone and process them directly through our payment screens.

Customize your Invoices, Quotes, Orders, and other templates

Our professional looking invoice forms allow you to include your company logo as well as select from five customizable templates. We have provided you with a redistributable report designer to customize these templates further.

The report designer is a graphical user-friendly tool that allows you to change the layout, fonts, as well as add/delete fields.



Convert Outlook Emails to Customer Notes

Wouldn't it be nice to save your communication with your customers and vendors in one place, instead of searching through archived email folders, or tracking down the individual within your organization that communicated with the customer?  Customer communication is a part of your customer relationship and is something that should be available to your entire organization.

With our BizSight Outlook add-in, included with the product, you can select and tag a customer associated with your email communications - all within your regular Outlook email screen. Later, you can review this as a customer note within BizSight or run a report listing the notes associated with that customer.

Record Bills and Pay Vendors

Record your vendor bills and track your expenses.  BizSight allows you to track these at the item level or at just the accounting level.  If these are purchases online with a credit card, you can still record them to track the expense for accounting purposes.

Vendor payments made through the system can be for multiple bills, taking advantage of vendor credits, and early payment discounts. Industry standard check layouts are used for printing checks.  These layouts can be further customized using our report designer to fit your needs!



Create Purchase Orders and Receipts

If you need to generate a purchase order to buy widgets or services in your business, BizSight can create these for you!  Once created, these can be emailed to your vendor confirming your order. Several customizable purchase order layouts are available to suit you needs!

If you are in the manufacturing industry, additional integration is available from our material planning side to automatically trigger purchase orders... with your approval.

Products or services ordered via these purchase orders can be received to update your inventories and affect your accounting.

Sell on eBay

Whether you are already selling on eBay, or interested in doing so, we provide a few extra tools to make this easier.

Once an eBay account has been created, BizSight allows you to select the products you wish to sell on eBay, assign them to the various categories, and push them from your financial accounting system to the website.  With just a few mouse clicks your products are exposed to the wide world of eBay!

As these items are purchased by customers from the eBay website, we can automatically import and record this sale in your financial accounting system.


Are You Using Microsoft Office Accounting 2009?

Many companies use Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 as their accounting software of choice. This all-inclusive accounting solution may be a good fit for many businesses, but the cost of purchasing and maintaining the software can often exceed the budgets of many small businesses in particular. At BizTechnologies, we have created the ideal solution to give you the same power as Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009 and Professional 2009 without the high costs often associated with using Microsoft’s accounting solutions.

The Ideal Replacement

Despite the popularity of Microsoft Office Accounting, it is often out of reach for many businesses, especially those that are starting off. We have replicated the power of this accounting software solution and provided you with a similar service at a fraction of the price. Because the software and data is stored on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about having enough server space or keeping the software up-to-date. We handle it for you.

Don’t Miss Out

Handling your own accounting can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Our software solution rivals Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 and can provide you with the tools you need to more effectively manage your finances and keep your business on the track to success. Everything is handled in the cloud, giving you complete access to your accounting from anywhere, improving productivity and helping you keep track of your business, even when you’re away.