BizSight for Microsoft Office Accounting (MOA)

We have designed BizSight to be a complete replacement solution for customers who are currently on Microsoft Office Accounting (MOA) worldwide.  The user interface continues to offer a familiar Microsoft Office and Outlook like feel, making your transition fairly painless.  While BizSight is a completely different product than MOA, it has very similar capabilities to MOA and more.  It supports both the US edition as well as the UK based MOA editions, all within the same product.  It also accommodates the different terms used by both the US and UK based MOA products, adding to this, Spanish and Portuguese language support.

Current MOA customers can migrate to BizSight using the included migration wizard.  As an existing MOA customer, you can choose to migrate to BizSight Professional, BizSight Manufacturing, or to BizSight Cloud.  All your master files, invoice,  purchase history, as well as financial information are migrated over.  In most cases, the complete migration from MOA can take place within an half hour.  Learn how you can migrate from MOA and start working within BizSight the same day!

Perform essential business tasks like invoicing, paying your suppliers, accounting, bank reconciliation, simple CRM, accepting credit cards from your customers using PayPal, creating purchase orders and receiving against them, etc... It includes the ability to tag and track your customer email interactions similar to a CRM system – all within BizSight! 

It is perfect for any kind of business-service or product focused.  Whether you are a business that has several users or just a single user on a stand-alone computer, BizSight can help. 


Invoice Customers and Receive Payments

The invoicing process is simple and intuitive to use with the customer’s purchase history at your fingertips it!

 Invoice in seconds  Convert Quote to Orders Custom Invoice Templates
 Detail Line Notes Payment Terms & Cash Discounts Kits
 Multiple Price Levels Recurring Invoices Multi-Currency




Seamlessly integrate with your banking side and have all the necessary information to file your Sales, VAT, GST taxes.

Invoice & Receive Payments Screen

Take Notes Everywhere

Notes Everywhere...

With the latest version of BizSight 365 you can track notes by customer, vendor, invoice, literally, everywhere...         

Cut/Paste from Email & Websites
Embed Images & Graphics
Attach documents like pdf, Excel, Word




Enhance your customer relationships and customer service with this new notes tracking!

Customize your Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders...

Our professional looking invoice forms, Quotes, Purchase Order and other templates provide you with multiple layout options. Include your company logo to print on these layouts.

Modify Layout
Change Fonts
Add Custom Texts




BizSight 365 comes with a redistributable graphical user-friendly tool, that allows you to customize the layouts. 



Invoice & Receive Payments Screen

Track Expenses and Pay Vendors

Record your vendor bills and track your expenses.  BizSight 365 allows you to track these at the item level or at just the accounting level.

Record Expenses Pay by Check or Record Credit/Bank Card Payment
Record Vendor Bills Leverage Payment Discounts



Industry standard check layouts are used for printing checks.  These layouts can be further customized using our report designer to fit your needs!


Create Purchase Orders and Receive Items

If you need to generate a purchase order to buy widgets or services in your business, BizSight 365 can create these for you!  Several customizable purchase order layouts are available to suit you needs!

 Create Purchase Orders Receive & Update Inventory
 Include Detail Notes Drop Ship to Customers
 Print or Email POs  




If you are in the manufacturing industry, additional integration is available from our material planning side to automatically trigger purchase orders... with your approval.

Invoice & Receive Payments Screen

Invoice & Receive Payments Screen

Manage Your Inventory

BizSight does not stop with just financial accounting, if maintaining and managing your inventory is important to your business, BizSight provides you with the tools for inventory control, accuracy, and costing.

 Accurate Inventory  
 Adjust Inventory  
 Physical Count Sheets  




If you are dealing with widgets, your daily transactions like invoicing, and purchase receipts interact with inventory in real time. Maintain ABC codes, count your inventory, adjust them if you need to and keep it accurate!


Grow with us to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Business Central

If your small business reaches exponential growth, we will be happy for you! If the growth takes you to be a medium business or even a larger business, no worries, you can grow with us. We will provide you with a path to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Business Central.

We are committed to providing you with a migration utility that will migrate the key master files (i.e.) Chart of Accounts, Customers, Vendors, and Items from BizSight to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Business Central. This migration utility is on our roadmap!

Dynamics GP